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Age Eligibility Criteria

Eligibility for particular age groups is based on the child’s age.  However, in exceptional circumstances the school reserves the right to place a child in a class that is deemed academically and developmentally more appropriate.


Original Names

The UK


Year Group Structure

Age Criteria

Birthday between

1st Sep and 31st Aug.

i.e. during academic year



3rd Birthday



4th Birthday


Primary 1

5th Birthday

Year 1

Primary 2

6th Birthday

Year 2

Primary 3

7th Birthday

Year 3

Primary 4

8th Birthday

Year 4

Primary 5

9th Birthday

Year 5

Primary 6

10th Birthday

Year 6

Primary 7

11th Birthday

Year 7

Primary 8

12th Birthday


Note: For Pre-Nursery pupils, admission will only be accepted at the start of the academic year in September.  No other admission will be accepted during the academic year unless newly arrived in the country.

The Shell School’s admission policy is strongly adhered to and children are placed, upon arrival at the school, in the year group that is appropriate to their age. This may not correspond to all children’s previous school experience and class placement. However, careful consideration is given to children’s prior experience, particularly in the lower end of the school, and children can be moved to a lower class if needed, after assessments and consultation with the Principal and Heads of Streams.
Special Educational Needs
Parents are asked to inform the school prior to admission of any special needs requiring learning support. Reports related to assessments made by an Educational Psychologist or any other specialist concerned with child development should be submitted upon application. The school can provide learning support for children with a low level of special educational need through an SEN Teacher. However, Panaga is a mainstream school and has no Special Education Unit. Failure to disclose any relevant additional information could result in a place in school being withdrawn. Withdrawal of a place may occur if the school feels it cannot satisfy a child's educational needs.
Pre-Nursery (PN)
Pre-Nursery students will be admitted in one enrollment in September. Students will not be admitted at other times of the year or the start of the 2nd or 3rd term, unless they are new arrivals to the country.
If you decide not to join the PN in September then the next admission will be in Nursery a year later. Please consult your contract with regard to payment of fees.

School Fees


P2 to P8 - $4071 per term

Pre Nursery and Nursery- $1992 per term


New Educational Provision

From August 2017, all children of IBAS and LNN employees can choose for P9 (Y8) either in Panaga School, other private (international) schools in Brunei, and secondary schools in Base or third country whilst children of PSTP and TC employees will receive education support for schools in Brunei only and not in Base. This option will remain in place until August 2018. Educational support will be at the level currently indicated.
IBAS: from August 2018, the educational provision in Brunei for children who turn 13 will be limited to that provided in the P9 (Y8) classes at Panaga School. Transfer to other private schools in Brunei will be supported once a child has completed P9 (Y8). If parents opt for alternative private schools in Brunei for P9 (Y8) then this will be funded from their personal account. Parents still have an option to send their children to their base or third country for secondary education under the IM policy.
TC/PSTP: Educational support will remain the same at $800/month per child for Panaga and other private schools in Brunei only.
The school will be holding an information session for interested parents on Tuesday 21st February early to detail progress towards these changes and how the curriculum will deliver the expected standards for children up to the age of 13.
Selection of student placements will continue to be based on criteria set by Panaga School.
Please refer to Shell policy
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