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Pre-school in Panaga Schools :
  - Focuses on play as an essential gateway to learning
  - Is planned with careful attention to safety, exploration and growth
  - Is topic based; taking into account the themes of the International Primary Curriculum Early Years Programme
  - Responds to the child’s ability and interests
  - Introduces the children to a wide range of stimulating activities which enhance their social, emotional and cognitive development
  - Provides children with rich learning environments indoors and outdoors
  - Is organised so there is a balance between planned guided activities and free choice play
  - Works closely with families and provides feedback on the child’s development

In the Early Years, we aim to lay the foundations for the children’s future learning following the learning goals of the International Primary Curriculum.





Turn 3 years old between 1st September and 31st August


Turn 4 years old between 1st September and 31st August 

Primary 1

Turn 5 years old between 1st September and 31st August 

Key Workers in Nursery

We operate a Key Worker and Key Contact system that ensures your child gets the best from Nursery. We will notify you who your child’s Key Contact and Key Worker are before they start. The Key Contact has the overall responsibility for the delivery of the curriculum to your child. The Key Worker is responsible for a small group of children, to observe and record information regarding the individual child’s progress. They will be encouraged to take part in planned focused activities that cover all areas of learning following the International Primary Curriculum Early Years Programme.

Attending Sessions

Pre-Nursery and Nursery daily session times are 07:45 to 11:30. Children enter the Nursery through their Key Contact's door. Children register themselves at the beginning of each session, taking their own name label from the board in their learning area and placing it in the basket provided. If for any reason your child leaves, please ensure you put their name back on the board.


At the beginning of each session, please can we ask you to leave the Pre-Nursery and Nursery area, as soon has your child has settled, so the morning’s activities can begin. If someone other than yourself is collecting your child please inform a member of staff. If your child is sick or going to be late please contact school.

Pre-Nursery / Nursery Library

In Pre-Nursery and Nursery, the children take part in a library book scheme. Your child has a set day each week to choose a book with their key worker to take home. This must be returned the same day each week. The book is simply for your child to learn about taking care of their possessions, to hold the book the correct way up and turn the pages one at a time. Please find time during the week to share the book with your child.

Assessment And Reporting Arrangements

There will be termly 'open sessions' for parents to visit the Early Years teaching bases. In Term 3, Pre-Nursery children transferring to Nursery and Nursery children transferring to Primary 1 receive a written learning update based on the four International Primary Curriculum Early Years Programme Strands.


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